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North Georgia Mobility REQUIRES proof of training for sales of hand controls
to new customers and customers changing from one style of control to another.
This is to ensure the safety of all parties concerned.

Siskin Hospital’s Driving Program was developed by a joint effort of Neuropsychologists, Occupational Therapists, and experienced driving evaluators. The program includes:

-An “in-clinic” evaluation that utilizes standardized measurement tools to identify driving-related strengths and weaknesses.

-An “on-the-road” evaluation by experienced driving instructors through various types of driving conditions and vehicle maneuvers based on experienced driving patterns.

-Evaluation and training in the use of adaptive driving devices/ techniques.

-An evaluation summary specifying performance and recommendations.

-Family education and support when needed.

– Introduction to alternative means of transportation when needed.

Hand Control Training

The new Sure Grip Left Foot Accelerator is constructed from rugged plastics and aluminum allowing for a light weight device. The overall unit is dramatically reduced in size versus tradition removable accelerators, all parts of the incredible smooth and sensitive pedal feel.

Bruno’s Valet Plus power turning auto seat rotates, extends and lowers to your individual needs. Your original seat is never altered so you can re-install the Valet Plus turning car seat into your next applicable vehicle. Meets child seat compliance and safety standards.

Sure Grip’s handle is in the vertical position, which gives precision control and the ability to drive with both hands on the wheel. With two hands on the wheel, drivers have the control needed when headed off the beaten path.

Sure Grip has always given its users great control of Their vehicles. Now that Sure Grip has hand controls designed specifically for smaller off-road vehicles that same control can be enjoyed wherever you decide to go.